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Dentsu’s transformation continues in storyboard18.

The Indian division of the Dentsu Group, a Japanese advertising-centric company, was hit by a wave of high-profile exits last year as it sought to transform into an integrated business while addressing turbulence.

Dentsu India’s CEO and several unit leaders have left the escape that began in January.
Recently, Ashish Bhasin, CEO and Chairman of APAC, has left Dentsu International. When Storyboard 18 asked Bhasin and Dentsu International about leaving the company in September, they vehemently denied it and described the report as a rumor.

According to a few sources spoken by Storyboard 18, about 50 senior and mid-career employees have left the company’s agency in the last three months.
Prepandemic, Dentsu Group has employed more than 3,200 people in India. Since then, the restructuring of the entire organization of the company, which was also affected by the Covid19 crisis, has significantly reduced the workforce.

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