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Flomic Global Logistics

Flomic Global Logistics shares are one of such multibagger stocks in India that belong to the list of multibagger penny stocks.

This stock has surged from ₹0.35 per share levels (close price on 28th March 2019 on BSE) to ₹143.25 apiece levels (close price on BSE on 12th November 2021), rising around 409 times in this around two year time.

If an investor invested 1 lakh in this multi-bagger penny stock 6 months ago, the value of 1 lakh today would change to 18.80 lakh if guided by the development of the Flomic Global Logistics stock.

If an investor invested one lakh in this switch a year ago and continued to invest in this switch to this day, his one lakh would be 1.17 crore.

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