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Sample Trade Report 23.04.2020


Trade Report:


Today's Trade (23/04/2020)

1.     Aurobindo Pharma – ₹615 Loss/100 shares (call given only in cash)

2.     Titan Future – ₹3000 Profit

3.     MCX – ₹1000 Profit/100 shares (call given only in cash)

4.     Nifty future – ₹600 Loss

5.     PEL -Trade was not active


Total Profit/Loss – 2785 Net Profit


Aurobindo Pharma Trade (Entry – [email protected] 661.25 ; Exit- [email protected] 655.10 ; SL- 654.80)



Today’s one of our stock pick was Aurobindo Pharma as they got US FDA approval for Pantoprazole Sodium Injectable (40 Mg).


As per the Price Action strategy we took entry in this stock @661.25 with SL of 654.80 which was revised to 655.10 later and was triggered due to high market volatility.


Titan Future Trade (Entry – [email protected] 928.7 ; Exit- [email protected] 932.7 ; SL- 925.7)




Our another trade was in Titan Futures, we Bought it @928.70 for 4 points target and booked our profits within few mins @932.70.


Our everyday Titan trade is as per one of the several trading strategies developed by our professionals over the years. This strategy is listed on our site for purchase.


Also, you may mail us at [email protected] or whatsapp us at +91 98702 75444 for more information regarding this strategy.



MCX Trade (Entry – [email protected] 1045.05 ; Exit- [email protected] 1055.05 ; SL- 1040)




Our another trading stock for today was MCX in which we got 3 entries.


We picked MCX because MCX India deposited Rs 242.32 crore to the clearing members after the settlement of crude oil futures contracts that expired on Monday at minus Rs 2,884 per barrel taking cues from the international market.


We got 1st entry in MCX @1015.70 and it made a high of 1038.75 (23 points approx.) within 1 min.


And again we got 2nd Entry in MCX @1037.05 but we cancelled this order due to high market volatility.


Last, we Got 3rd entry @1045.05 for target of 10 Points and when it got activated we saw a good and Sharp movement till 1073, but we exited safely with 10 points profit.


So in total we Booked total 33 Points approx. in MCX and traded in 100 qty for each trade. But since most of us couldn’t take the first entry we are not considering it for calculating overall profit.



Nifty Future Trade (Entry – [email protected] 9283 ; Exit- [email protected] 9275 ; SL- 9260)




In Nifty Futures we took trade with the help of several technical factors @9283 and the final trailing SL was of 9275 i.e. only 8 points. At the end our 8 Point SL was triggered.


But our view was still bullish in Nifty at that time and again we gave an entry level @9286 which was only given to watch and not for trade. We saw Nifty making a high of 9327 after that.




ProCapitas Market Pro Division

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