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Infosys launches “Aerospace Engineering Centre” in collaboration with Rolls Royce

IT giant Infosys and tech giant Rolls Royce opened their joint “Aerospace Engineering Centre” yesterday in Bengaluru.

The centre was established to provide high-end R&D and digital capabilities to Rolls Royce’s engineering and group business services from India. As part of the collaboration, both companies will combine their aerospace, digital and engineering services to improve innovation.

By expanding the local talent pool in the country, the two companies will also deliver manufacturing engineering services for the global civil aerospace ecosystem.

“Our strategic partnership with Infosys presents an exciting opportunity for both companies to leverage combined strengths in engineering and digital innovation to accelerate growth in the civil aerospace market,” Kishore Jayaraman, Rolls-Royce president for India and South Asia, said.

Highlight by Aman Agarwal.

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