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Petrol, diesel prices today: Surged for 5th straight day to hit fresh highs

Petrol prices rose 31 to 36 paisa’s per liter on November 1st, and diesel prices rose on November 1st.
Five consecutive rises following the constant rise in international oil prices have pushed pump speeds across the country to record highs.

In Delhi, the latest revision raised the price of petrol from 35 paisa per liter to a new high of 109.69 rupees per liter, and the rise of 35 paisa raised the diesel price to 98.42 rupees per liter.

In Mumbai, 1 liter of petrol was sold for 115.50 rupees, an increase of 35 paisa. It was the first subway in the country to sell petrol for more than 100 rupees per liter on May 29. The price of diesel also rose by 39 paisa, which was sold in the city at Rs 106.62 per liter that day.

Kolkata confirmed a price increase of 36 Paisa and sold 1 liter of petrol for 110.15 rupees. The price of diesel has also risen by 37 paisa and sold for Rs 101.56 per liter.

Fuel prices also soared in Chennai, with petrol and diesel selling at Rs 106.35 and Rs 102.59 per liter, respectively.

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