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Sample Trade Report 12.05.2020


Trade Report:

 Today's Trade (12/05/2020)

1. Copper – 9000 profit /lot

Total Profit/Loss –
9000 profit/lot

Copper Trade (Entry – [email protected] 405.60 ; Exit- [email protected] 402 ; SL- 406.65)


Copper trade was based on Price action, copper was continuously falling from 409.60 and we have seen that there was a range near 406.50-405.60 which was broken during the opening of the market and therefore we took entry @405.60 with an SL of 406.65 and the target was 402 which was achieved within 12 hours approx.

So in this trade, we can clearly see that the market always demands patience to make profit and the final profit was 9000 per lot.


ProCapitas Market Pro Division 

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