Dilipkumar Lakhi

Dilipkumar Lakhi​

Dilip is one of the most successful diamond merchants and investors in India. His investment strategy includes investing in less popular segments like lubricants, avoiding popular segments like banks, automobiles, investing in the least competitive segments, relying on reversals and contra calls. These are the shares held by Dilipkumar Lakhi as per the information available by the exchanges. For some companies the latest quarter results might not be available as they may file it later on.

Dilipkumar Lakhi - 14 Stock(s) Owned

1Almondz Global Securities Ltd.00000
2Aro Granite Industries Ltd.10.5410.5410.279.426.77
3Avonmore Capital & Management Services Ltd.00000
4Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd.00000
5Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd.00000
6Mount Shivalik Industries Ltd.00000
7NXTDigital Ltd.2.700000
8TRF Ltd.1.841.841.841.841.75
9Welspun Enterprises Ltd.6.461.922.232.232.23
10Welspun Specialty Solutions Ltd.00023.070
11GOCL Corporation Ltd.001.641.640
12Religare Enterprises Ltd.
13Hindustan Fluorocarbons Ltd.2.952.952.952.952.95
14Premier Explosives Ltd.1.181.912.702.702.70
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