Subramanian P

These are the shares held by Subramanian Pas per the information available by the exchanges. For some companies the latest quarter results might not be available as they may file it later on.

Subramanian P - 23 Stock(s) Owned

1Advik Laboratories Ltd.00000
2Ajanta Soya Ltd.00000
3Alps Industries Ltd.00000
4Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd.00000
5Amco India Ltd.00000
6AMD Industries Ltd.00000
7Amin Tannery Ltd.00000
8Anjani Dham Industries Ltd.00000
9Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.00000
10Anjani Synthetics Ltd.00000
11Ansal Buildwell Ltd.00000
12APM Finvest Ltd.00000
13APM Industries Ltd.00000
14Aro Granite Industries Ltd.00000
15Ashish Polyplast Ltd.00000
16Ashok Alco-Chem Ltd.00000
17ASI Industries Ltd.00000
18B&A Ltd.00000
19Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1.760000
20Balasore Alloys Ltd.00000
21BCL Industries Ltd.00000
22Colinz Laboratories Ltd.
23Tamboli Capital Ltd.
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